yOUR – kIDS Give kids a chance


yOUR kIDS – Give kids a chance e.V. is an association which has a sole focus on children in developing countries. “Your kids are OUR kids” is our motto! We are all responsible for the world’s children, because they are our future!

The „Help designed for self-help“ stands in the forefront. This is only possible through a minimalist technique of enlightenment, education, nutrition, nurturing, and medical provisions. Utilizing an accountable and comprehensive program of real-world hands–on involvement now, we will positively influence the future prospects of the children and villages we work with for generations to come. By way of a good education, they will be better prepared to find employment and provide for themselves and their loved ones. In summary we provide the opportunity for those who are forgotten and not privileged enough to have access to an education funding, and wise council so essential in today’s developing world.

This project originated as a result of my excursion in 2012 to an isolated village called “Mwembe Tsungu” (Translated is: Mango Termites) in the remote jungle of Kenya, Africa. In this village ecosystem, people exist far below the poverty line – without furniture, electricity, water, medicine or sufficient nourishment. Only a few can afford the long trip to the nearest doctor in the city many miles away. People have no choice but to drink the unfiltered water or must walk several miles to the nearest water source. Once there they must drink from the same water well used by every one for bathing and washing.

There are many people on this earth. And while millions of people are struggling to survive, other people in this world do not know what to do with all their money. This imbalance is increasing, and the gap between rich and poor becomes greater every day. This fact we cannot change, but we can contribute a small portion so that even the poorest of the poor can have a chance of a better future not possible before our collective support. Together we will make a huge difference for „Mwembe Tsungu“

After my first visit to „Mwembe Tsungu“, I could no longer get this village out of my mind and I started to collect money for the construction of a school. I communicate on a regular basis with the village elders and the church committee. We have compiled a list of goods (construction materials for the school, electrical power infrastructure, books, school supplies, etc.) that the village needs to begin the school construction project. In the Spring of 2013 I returned to „Mwembe Tsungu“, and with the villagers started construction on the first class room. Unfortunately together we did not accomplish the completely finished school building project.

In the meantime I originated this charitable organization with many fantastic people, which is still in the preliminary startup phase. We are grateful for any type of help (contacts, donations, membership to the Club, acquiring sponsorships, ideas, etc.) and we want to complete this initial project in Kenya with you, we are to ready to finish our school for the village and children of Mwembe Tsungu.

Actions speak louder than words, and a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Therefore, I’ll let the images on this page speak for themselves. And you can decide whether you want to be a part of this significant life altering project.